Integrated land and resource management panel of Lebel-sur-Quévillon

The territory of the Integrated land and resource management panel of Lebel-sur-Quévillon includes the forest management units (FMU) 087-51 and 087-62 for a total surface of 1 007 970 hectares. 26% of this surface is considered unproductive and 6% is excluded from the forest possibility.

Composition as of July 16, 2018
Delegates and alternates
User group Delegate   Alternate
Chief of the community and/or Mayor and/or Chairperson of the loclaity Alain Poirier   François Gibeault
BGA Amélie Béchard   Alexandre Giard
Francis Perreault   François Denis
Denis Chiasson   Julie Boilard
 Félix Guay    
Agricultural leaseholder Lucienne Major    
Tallyman/Trapping permit holder/Local trappers association Paul Dixon    
Environment and water      
Silviculture companies Jean-Sébastien Roy    
Forestry workers (mill) Serge Gauthier    
Forestry workers (forest) Éric Leduc    
Joint working group Allan Saganash    
Local economic development Chantal Plante    
Non-wood forest products     Valérie Simard
Off-road vehicle     Serge Dubuc
Vactioners     Claude Dubreuil
Mining industry - development Frédéric Côté    
Mining industry - exploration Julie Raiche   Pascal Hamelin
Tourism/forest recreation/culture      
Hunters/fishermen/wildlife observers      
Energy/biomass     Pascal Tremblay
Youth groups      
Women's groups     Jessica Boutin
Seniors groups     Rénald D'Aigle
Organisation Observer
EIJBRG Martin Filion (animateur)
Johanne Morasse
MFFP-Forest Éric Labelle
MFFP-Wildlife Julien second
Cree Nation Government Stéphane Ouellet
James Bay Regional Administration