Provisions of the Governance Agreement

In June 2013, a law was adopted to implement various provisions of the Governance Agreement. The law, which is referred to as the Act establishing the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Regional Government and introducing certain legislative amendments concerning the Cree Nation Government, enabled the Regional Government  to come into force on January 1, 2014 and thereby replace the MBJ.

In addition, the Administration régionale Baie-James (ARBJ) replaced the Conférence régionale des élus de la Baie-James (CREBJ). The ARBJ's Board of Directors is made up of the mayors of the towns of Chapais, Chibougamau, Lebel-sur-Quévillon and Matagami, as well as the chairpersons of the local councils of Radisson, Valcanton and Villebois.